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Sarah J. Hale High School

Faculty Members

Principal, Jay Schechter at Graduation, 1997

Principal, Anthony Randazzo 2001

Robert Finley, Principal 1999-2000 r.:  Marie Cadot, Claudie Blaine, Andree Campanale Phyllis Weiss with student
Jeffrey Douglas, Linda Cantor, 
Phyllis Weiss,  Ruthe Streicher
John Wolfe and students
Mr. Scandone and student Al Kalayjdian, Jeffrey Douglas, and Juliana Rogers (March, 2003)
Sheila Lapinsky, Linda Cantor, Jeffrey Douglas, and Al Kalayjdian (March, 2003) Libby and Joe Grillo (March, 2003)
Cecilia Cullen, Al Kalayjdian (March, 2003) Jonathan Molofsky (March, 2003)
Linda Zicchinolfi Douglas

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