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History of Sarah J. Hale High School


345 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217

(between Third and Fourth Avenues)

Annex (West Wing) at 500 Pacific Street


The first school at 345 Dean Street was the High School of Industrial Arts, from 1926 to 1947.  At that time it was renamed Sarah J. Hale Vocational High School.  Sarah J. Hale remained an all girls' vocational school from 1947 through 1972. It then became coeducational and was renamed as Sarah J. Hale High School, operating to June of 2001.

Landmarked Murals at Sarah J High School

The murals at Sarah J. Hale were part of government art projects of the 1930's.  They are located in the Auditorium and what was originally the teachers' lunch room (Tea Room)

William Bahnmuller, 6 reliefs: Geography, Hair Dressing, Textile or Book Design, Draping, Grooming, Food Service; wood approx. 4'6" x 3'6", 1934, PWAP - --Around three walls in teachers' lunch room.
Monty Lewis, The Cotton Industry in Contemporary America, fresco, pre. apt 1936, WPA/FAP; two of the large scenes are unfinished and exist only as the lines of the cartoon transferred to the wall. --Auditorium.
Guy McCoy, 2 murals: Important Women in the Silk and Wool Industry, oil on canvas, left mural inscribed "Guy McCoy, G. Reddington, finished by Dane Chanase, 1942," right mural inscribed "Guy McCoy, Genoi Pettit, George Reddington, Harry Shindelman, 1939," WPA/FAP.

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